Hello, I’m John Marshall Schreiner,

and this is my new book “Slowly, I Start To See”

In 2013 my father fell seriously  ill, as his life changed so did

our relationship. As I watched his life slip away, I began to

re-examine my own life. That's when I decided to chronicle my

journey through this period of change. The traps that I fell into

while trying to live up to the ideals he had passed on to me.

Feeling lost, I tried to buy happiness, only to find that I was

caught up in a cycle of spending, debt, and deeper unhappiness.

I was spiraling downward into an emotional abyss.

Then, after years of riding this "unhappiness cycle"

I realized that I had to reinvent myself. So I adopted a way of life

that brought me peace and contentment and a way out of the

unhappiness cycle.


Only then did I realize who I was and who I wanted to be.




BarnesAndNoble.com                                    In my new book I explain how I was able to break out of the “prison of the mind”

Balboa Press                                                To discover that miracles do happen.


-         John Marshall Schreiner       

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